The Ghana Skills Development Initiative (GSDI) is a project assisted by the German Government via the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ GmbH, and implemented in cooperation with the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET).

The GSDI aims at building capacity in the informal sector, which generates about 80-90 % of employment in Ghana. To that end, the project seeks to improve the quality of the traditional apprenticeship system which suffers from some structural deficiencies. Major challenges are a lack of coordination and standardization of the training, as well as coping with technological developments.

In order to upgrade the skills and qualifications in traditional technical and vocational training, the project supports COTVETs’ innovative approach to introduce quality standards for the apprenticeship system and complement the training at the workplaces with additional structured training courses at selected training institutions. This new training scheme is based on national CBT standards

(Proficiency levels I and II).

The pilot sectors are:                                       Pilot regions are:

  • Electronics                                                 Northern Region
  • Automotive                                                Greater Accra
  • Tailoring/Dressmaking                               Volta Region
  • Cosmetology/Hairdressing                        Ashanti Region
  • Welding                                                      Eastern Region
  • Block Laying and Tiling  (New)                  Western Region
  • Electrical Installation (New)
  • Furniture Works (New)
  • Agriculture (pineapple & citrus)