In December 2015, just prior to the holidays, a training has been conducted to improve the skills of automotive facilitators on Workshop Information Systems (WIS) and Workshop Diagnostic Systems (WDS). Two trainings have been held, at Ho-Polytechnic and Kpando Technical Institute in Volta Region.


Workshop Information Systems (WIS) are very important also for the informal automotive repair sector, as modern cars demand a more sophisticated approach and technology. The trainer, Mr. Okine, explained not only theoretical aspects, but also showed practical handling on several cars during the training. The application of WIS in normal garage processes was shown, simulating a maintenance process of a vehicle.

Workshop Diagnostic System (WDS)


The Workshop Diagnostic System (WDS) is used for diagnosis and troubleshooting of vehicle electronics to detect problems and guide to find solutions. The training illustrated how mechanics can perform diagnostics with devices such as multimeters and oscilloscopes. To become familiar with the technology the training participants practices the applications in small work groups on different vehicles.


At the end of the training further problems of daily work and the respective solutions were discussed upon request of some participants. Further, the participants pointed out that continuation and deepening of some topics will be necessary in the future. Hence, intensive self-organized learning is needed in order to catch up with the modern and fast advancing automotive technology.


The evaluation of the training showed that most participants found it very positive and helpful and were grateful for Mr. Okine to share his knowledge profound experience with them.