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ATVET Field Trip for insights into the Oil Palm Value Chain


In accordance to GSDI III’s activities in the ATVET field, namely the Oil Palm Value Chain, the GSDI III Steering Committee Meeting visited our project partner Norpalm Ghana Limited in the Western Region. After an introduction from the management team into the business and safty and security guidelines, we were given a tour through the Oil Palm Nursery as well as the oil production site. We were provided priceless insight to the Oil Palm Value Chain and plenty of input for discussions and project planning on TVET in the agricultural sector, including cooperative training models along the oil palm value chain.

Part of the Steering Committee Delegation were representatives of the German Embassy to Ghana, the European Delegation to Ghana, Embassy of Switzerland in Ghana, the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET), the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Trade and Industries, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Federation of Professional Trade Associations of Ghana (FEPTAG), the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions (APTI), KfW Ghana, the Associations of Ghana Industries (AGI), the Ghana National Association of Private Vocational and Technical Institutions (GNAVTI), and GSDI colleagues.

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