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The GSDI approach to improve the quality of apprenticeships will maintain the traditional training with the Master Craftsperson, but complement this with structured courses for apprentices at training institutions based on CBT standards.

The overall framework for the modernized, Collaborative Apprenticeship Training (CAT) system is depicted below:

Our approach

  • The duration of the Pilot Apprenticeship Training shall be around 3 years, thus reflecting the current structures of traditional apprenticeships.
  • The training scheme is based on CBT occupational standards for Proficiency I (about 1.5 years) and Proficiency II (about 3 years). To reflect the skills needs in the informal sector the standards have been revised.
  • The time allocations shall be around 80 % at the workplace /MCP and 20 % at the Training Institutions (Training Provider, TP).  Trade related deviations are possible.  
  • The contents assigned to the TPs are structured according to Units and are based on CBT Unit Specifications and Teaching and Learning Materials.
  • For the contents remaining with the MCP/Workplace, the existing CBT formats are inappropriate in an informal sector context. Here  workplace guidelines for the MCP have been developed, translating the contents of the standards into a simpler format.