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The present Dabokpa Technical / Vocational Institute evolved since the 1960s. The school started as Girls Boarding Middle School. It later became a Home Science Centre for schools around the catchment area. In the late 1970s the Home Science centre was faced out and Vocational School established, in conjunction with World Bank pilot project for the tailors and dress makers Association. During this era the student population dwindled due to the facing out of the Home Science programme.

In the early 1980s the school became a Vocational / Technical Institute, offering N.V.T.I. programme like Needlework and Dressmaking. The technical programmes were carpentry and joinery, Blocklaying and Concreting, Fashion and Design.

In 1998 the school became a fully fledged Technical Institute, since then the population has had a tremendous increase.



An educational institution of academic excellence where well-motivated and highly qualified staff use modern technology and teaching methods in a very clean environment to inculcate good morals and self confidence in the learning for the future development of the community and the nation. A school that is the pride of all stakeholders.



To continuously enhance training of middle and top level technical personnel for public and private sector / industries as well as Non-governmental Organizations, both in Ghana and beyond.




The institute runs ten (10) technical progammes with four (4) core courses

The programmes are as follows:

  • Carpentry & Joinery
  • Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice
  • Blocklaying & Concreting
  • Electrical Installation Work
  • Radio & Television Electronics
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Catering
  • Fashion & Design
  • General Business (Accounting Option)
  • General Business (Secretariat/Management Option)

Advanced courses are also run in some of the Department. They are catering, fashion & Design and Blocklaying & Concreting.



  • Mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Integrated science
  • English language



The institute is located in Tamale South on Dabokpa Stool Land, near the Tamale Teaching Hospital. It is on the right hand side, along Tamale – Yendi/Salaga trunk road, three (3) kilometers from the town centre.