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INVTC is a private, all female vocational institute owned by International Needs Ghana (INGH), a non-governmental organization. INVTC operates under INGH, which was registered under the Registrar General’s Department in October, 1987, under the Company’s Code (Act 179), number 33,476.


INVTC's vision is to provide graduates imbued with the requisite technical and vocational skills, and attitudes to confront the challenges of the business world.


INVTC is dedicated to providing the best courses and systems that will create entrepreneurs and facilitate the employment of trainees. As an institution, INVTC is partner with the trainees, employees and community.


Core Values

  • INVTC strives to create a learning programme that is student-friendly and student-focused
  • INVTC works towards maintaining a balance between theory and practice and
  • INVTC is  keen to build and develop exceptional leadership capacity for global governance.


INVTC’s Training Objectives

  • To equip students with world best practice vocational skills required to turn around Ghana’s industry
  • To inculcate into students discipline, motivation and purpose which would reflect in their future work environment
  • To attract and develop outstanding instructors
  • To provide a learning environment where instructors can conduct research and studies in an objective and dispassionate way and free from any bias, and disseminate fruitful results thereof
  • To improve continuously the quality of teaching and learning services and enhance student satisfaction in the most cost effective manner
  • To produce graduates and entrepreneurs who have the requisite managerial and business knowledge,  skills and attitude or orientation to confront the challenges of the changing world of business and the future with optimism and
  • To provide world-class vocational facility to support national development.



INVTC is located in a modern training complex with boarding facilities overlooking the Volta River in Adidome in the Volta Region of Ghana.