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Accra Girls’ Vocational Institute (AGIVOC) is a solely owned, privately funded institution founded by Mrs. Jemima Asiedua Boafo. It was established in June 1973, and has been registered and recognized by the Registrar General’s Department, the Ghana Education Service (GES), and the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI). It is situated in Tesano near the Santana Market, about three hundred yards away from the Police Station. Mrs. Boafo’s initial idea or vision for establishing AGIVOC was to train women irrespective of their backgrounds in basic vocational skills to help them acquire a trade in order to contribute to the Ghanaian economy and also to manage effectively in the marital home. But with time, this vision has been revised to respond to the needs of a changing community and the global world.



AGIVOC aims to become a ‘world-class and best practice’ institution more widely recognized for its exceptional performance in vocational education and training and as an exciting place to study and work”.


The institute is committed to the role of enhancing knowledge, skills and competencies of women in general and the girl-child in particular, because of the belief that improving human capital enhances personal growth, employability and enterprise competitiveness which in turn enhances our country’s economic and social sustainability.

The intent is to introduce a ‘Teaching Hospital’ concept of training where trainees provide products and services to the general public as a means of developing the skills and competencies needed to operate effectively in the market, and to raise funds to be re-invested in the training process.

Future plans include the adoption of technology to help leverage the capabilities of programme instructors across Ghana, Africa and the international market place.



The mission is to provide quality training linked to the needs of the community. Through ‘centres of expertise’ the institute welcomes everyone into a friendly atmosphere where learning is enjoyed and high standards are maintained. AGIVOC continues to extend links with industry, commerce and education sectors, while responding to the needs of a changing community.


AGIVOC's key objectives aim to:

  • Value each individual.
  • Provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment.
  • Enable each individual to reach their full potential.
  • Offer equality of opportunity.
  • Develop and encourage the desire to learn.
  • Promote independence and responsibility.
  • Provide an awareness and experience of industry, commerce and education.
  • Provide clear and concise communication within our centres and the wider community.



  • Cookery for the Catering Industry
  • Fashion & Designing
  • Hairdressing & Cosmetology

All courses last for three (3) years and four (4) years for advanced level.


P.O.BOX 122
TEL: 0244633257 / 0244946246 / 0243960637