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Ghana National Association of Garages (GNAG)


The Ghana National Association of Garages (GNAG) is the umbrella organization for all small scale automobile repair workshop operators.  It was established and registered with the Registrar General’s Department under the Companies Code of 1963 (ACT 179) on August 13, 1982.  The Association is national in character with branches in all ten regions of Ghana.  It is also a member of the Council of Indigenous Business Associations (CIBA).

Vision and Mission
To be the preferred organization to maximize the full potential of our training and professional calling as artisans, and to eventually transform Ghana into an Automobile Industrial hub in West Africa.

To remain a highly recognized professional Automobile body serving the needs of members, the society and the provision of common front for the implementation and consummation of government’s policies affecting the automobile industry in Ghana.















Aims and Objectives

  • Bring together all mechanics and various artisans in the automobile services industry in Ghana into a central organization.
  • Provide a standard assessment of the quality of services provided by mechanics and various artisans to the public with a view to improving upon the standards of their work.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of intermediate technology between members.
  • Advise government on the maintenance of vehicles and protection of national plants and machinery.
  • Sponsor training researches and provide facilities for the improvement of the members.
  • Assist members and employees in times of difficulty.
  • Print and publish newsletters and leaflets that the Association may think desirable for the promotion of its objects.
  • Source for loan or raise funds in such manner as the Association may deem fit.
  • Subscribe to any local or other charities, and to grant donations for any public purpose.
  • Affiliate with both local and international organizations.
  • Assist members in the procurement of tools and equipment.

Organizational Structure

The Association is structured to run throughout the country. The National Headquarters is situated at Suame, Kumasi in the Ashanti region with the Headquarters annex in Accra.  There exist ten Regional branches in all ten regions of the country as well as the Districts and Zonal branches.

In terms of good governance, elections are held periodically at all branches as enshrined in the Association’s Constitution. Membership is made up of 50,336 Mastercraft persons and 172,081 apprentices.


  • Acquisition of a few parcels of lands in some regions for members as their permanent places of work.
  • Series of capacity building and skills development training programs organized by MDPI, COTVET and GSDI.
  • Regular examinations conducted by NVTI for members.


P.O. BOX SE 440, Suame - Ghana
Phone: +233(0)265836375 / +233 (0)265897956

P.O. BOX 2024 Tesshie Nungua Estate, Accra - Ghana
Phone: +233 (0)243841149 / +233 (0)265469864