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National Association of Beauticians and Hair Dressers (NABH)


The National Association of Beauticians and Hairdressers was registered in the year 2005 with the registrar General.  It has branches all over the regions of Ghana.


NABH is to service development needs of its members by influencing government’s policies and regulations in other to create an enabling environment for its members.   

The Association to be the most effective Beauty Culture Organization.





Aims and Objectives

  • To bring under one umbrella persons engaged in the craftsmanship of Hair and Beauty Care.
  • To ensure standardization of all aspect of the profession to conform to the international standard with regards to the use of hazardous chemicals.
  • To see the welfare of members, protect their interest and give them moral support.
  • To train and motivate members to proactively meet and exceed consumer demands and expectation.
  • To help one another to realize his or her full potential in the art and science of perfect grooming and beautification of the patronizing public of this noble profession.

















  • The Association has gained recognition as an important partner in the country’s developmental agenda of beauty culture with both local and international beautycare manufacturing companies.
  • Through the effort of the association, members gained the opportunity to participate in Hair show competitions and won both National and West Africa Golden Scissors Award.
  • The Association has won BUSAC Grant for Advocacy on fake hair products.
  • The Association has trained street and needy girls.
  • The Association has established NABH Institute of Cosmetology with the purpose of providing and promoting quality demand-driven cosmetology education, learning and research.
  • The Association has gained accreditation from International Technology Examination Centre (ITEC – UK)



Written Correspondence

The National Association of Beauticians and Hairdressers
P. O. Box MB 421
Accra – Ghana

Telephone Numbers
+233 (0)28 5024034
+233 (0)20 8164528


Kaneshie 1st Light
Opposite Express Savings & Loans Company Ltd.