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Ghana Association of Barbers and Barbering Salon Owners (GABBSO)

Cosmetology is one of tGABBSOhe oldest professions and Barbering is a key factor in the industry. In 1995 a few practitioners in the industry realized that unity is strong as far as technology and globalization is concerned and they came out to form the Ghana Association of Barbers and Barbering Salon Owners (GABBSO).


GABBSO’s aims and objectives are to foster unity among barbers and to set standards to regulate the practices of barbers in the country. GABBSO concentrates on education and training to meet international market needs.  Seeking the welfare of members is also one of the objectives.  GABBSO is committed to its vision, mission, values and also believes in democratic governance.


The Ghana Association of Barbers and Barbering Salon Owners focuses on public safety, sanitation, hygiene and infection control, making sure that all members understand and work with health and safety regulations. GABBSO is also active in educating the public about health hazards associated to unprofessional practices in the barbershops.


Since 2010, GABBSO runs branches in all the ten (10) regions of Ghana with its headquarters in Accra. Nationwide GABBSO counts 1,800 members.


GABBSO believes that education is the key source to livelihood so it started to work towards a common barbering curriculum with NVTI in 2006 and since 2009 barbering is part of proficiency 1&2 curricula.

Since the beginning of the Ghana Skills Development Initiative in 2012 GABBSO attended a series of GSDI trainings and seminars which built the capacity of most of its national and regional executives.


Recently 15 Master Craftspersons (MCPs) and 15 of their apprentices are undergoing structured training at the Pentecost Vocational Institute piloting the Cooperative Apprenticeship Training in cosmetology proficiency one (1).  


Soon GABBSO will be having its capacity building measures every quarter at Salon Services Hair & Beauty Academy.