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Overview of PETAG (Progressive Electronics Technician Association of Ghana)

In order to fellowship and share ideas, seven friends decided to meet occasionally. During one of such meetings they decided that it was important to upgrade themselves, considering the way technology was moving at a rather fast pace. As a result, they negotiated with a facilitator to assist them in getting better in their chosen profession. On 7th March 2000, PETAG was born out of this initiative.


This was the beginning of a successful endeavour: Within three years, PETAG facilitated mass graduation of its members who were able to complete their NVTI. Seventeen members moved on to pursue City and Guilds and came out with flying colours.


The main goal of this association is to help PETAG-members in developing their skills and knowledge, to be up-to-date with the technological progress and to improve their businesses, for example by better management skills.


PETAG has been working with GSDI and has attended a lot of their training programmes for Trade Association. Through their training programme PETAG has improved upon their organogram, assigned new roles and responsibilities for their executive members and have been able to come out with work flow/plan as well as effective communication plan for its members. “GSDI has really given us insight in managing Trade Associations, when it comes to membership management/drive and new ways of generating income for the Association”, National PRO/Greater Accra President.


 MorrissonPETAG-president, Mr. Emmanuel Morrison, believes they have positioned themselves to achieve more than the basic benefits derived from associations. He reveals that, “by 2016, PETAG hopes to come out with its own inventor that would seamlessly transfer Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). Indeed, we are very much on course of realizing this dream.”


PETAG takes skill development of its members very seriously. To this end, they have established a training outlet in Nima, a relatively deprived community in Accra, to upgrade especially the theoretical skills of apprentices. There is a similar one in Kumasi and planning to set up more in other regions.


In collaboration with IPMC (an ICT training institute), sixty of PETAC’s members have been given a bespoke training in hardware, networking and Linux Operating System, funded by the SDF. Trainees were drawn from Accra in the Greater Accra region, Kumasi in the Ashanti region, Winneba in the Central region and Tamale in the Northern region.


Benefits of Joining PETAG
PETAG constantly ensures that its members are upgraded to stay abreast with new technologies that will make them relevant in business.
Members are guided and motivated to get recognized certificates.
Members are given hands-on training, thereby adequately preparing apprentices to pass their examinations.
PETAG finds innovative ways of making members vibrant and active.
At least every quarter, PETAG organizes entrepreneurship training for its members.
PETAG assists with welfare activities and advises members to pay social security towards the pension of their workers.
PETAG facilitates access to affordable loans for its members so that they can expand their businesses.

Future Plans
PETAG plans to put up an electronic technology centre within five years [by 2018]. In ten years, the association hopes to own its own assembly plant. In the short term, the association is seeking to establish its own resource centres (similar to TA Training Schools in Germany) in every region.