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BACKGROUND OF TAMALE VOCATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE Tamale Vocational Training Institute was established by the Northern Regional Administration in 1974. It was later absorbed by the Ministry of Employment and labour Relations and subsequently transferred to National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) for Administrative purposes.
  HISTORICAL BACKGROUND The present Dabokpa Technical / Vocational Institute evolved since the 1960s. The school started as Girls Boarding Middle School. It later became a Home Science Centre for schools around the catchment area. In the late 1970s the Home Science centre was faced out and Vocational School established, in conjunction with World Bank pilot project for the tailors and dress makers Association. During this era the student population dwindled due to the facing out of the Home Science programme.
  HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Tamale Polytechnic began as a trades center in 1951 and then became a government training school in 1954. The institution was further converted to a junior technical institute in 1960. As a result of the Educational Reform Programme and the enactment of the PNDC law 321 in 1992 Tamale Polytechnic was elevated to tertiary institution alongside Accra, Ku