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Hair Dressing

The term Cosmetology is frequently used to describe individuals who work across the hairdressing and beauty industry. Cosmetology is the study and art of the care of the hair and beauty therapy. In recent years nail technician has been added to the term cosmetology in the form of pedicures and manicures. Beauty Therapy is a holistic approach to the body understanding in depth anatomy and physiology of the body along with applied science.

In GSDI, Barbers are represented in the Cosmetology sector.

Historically the Hair and Beauty informal sector has over the years developed and has in place an efficient training system.

The role of the Training providers (TPs) is to provide underpinning knowledge and training in conjunction with the TAs to support a joint approach of shared training to learners.

A sector analysis produced the following results

  • Apprentices are trained and very competent
  • Apprentices often leave the scheme prior to completing the training programmes with Master Craftspersons (MCPs)
  • Apprentices open their own business in the informal sector rather than progressing onto higher levels of training available in Ghana
  • MCPs have a good and diverse skill set which they pass onto their learners
  • The current proficiency levels 1 and 2 standards needs to be updated to be in line with changes and practices within the industry