Empowering Ghana’s Workforce: Unveiling the Ghana Pact for Skills Project.

At a ceremony held at the Ministry of Education in Accra today, Pact for Skills: Support to the Transformation of the TVET System initiative was unveiled. The project aim at empowering Ghana’s workforce through enhanced skills development and employment opportunities. This is an important step towards addressing the skills gap and fostering sustainable economic growth in the country.

To support the Ghanaian government’s strategy to enhance the TVET system, the project aims to
create structures that meet the requirements of sustainable development in economic, social and
environmental terms. To this end, the project will develop the competencies of government TVET
actors and the practical and pedagogical skills of TVET staff. It also involves the private sector in
expanding green education and training and in supporting the digital transformation of the TVET

In her introductory remarks, the Country Director of GIZ, Regina Barbosa stated that, for the past
decade, through the Ghana Skills Development Initiative (GSDI), GIZ on behalf of the German
Government has supported the Ghanaian Government’s effort to promote its economy through
TVET. According to her, the new project is a continuation of the successes achieved under GSDI.
She added that the unveiling event marks a significant milestone in Ghana’s journey towards a
vibrant and inclusive TVET system: “Today’s launch of the new project, will among other things
facilitate the establishment of a high quality and an efficient TVET system in Ghana for industryspecific employment promotion.”

In his keynote address, the German Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Daniel Krull mentioned that
Germany and Ghana have had good relations and development cooperation dating back to the days of Ghana’s independence in 1957. According to the Ambassador, together with national
partners, Germany aim to support the achievement of sustainable and equitable economic growth
as well as faster poverty reduction in Ghana. “Ghana is one of the priority countries for German
development aid abroad” he added.

On his part, the EU Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Irchad Razaaly noted that, education and skills
development are at the centre of the Pact for Skills programme and so this project that
is just launched will mainly focus on the enhancement of the sustainable financing of TVET and
the reinforcement of the relevance and availability of technical education.

He added that, the EU is committed to the promotion of skills that meets the demands of the labor
market as it was evident in the theme of the 2023 Europe month celebration in Ghana, “I believe
there is no better way to close the Europe Month on “Youth and Skills” than launching this new
EU-German-Ghana partnership. The only way to drive progress towards education for all, is by
working with all actors on the field, from civil society and youth, to EU Member States and
multilateral organizations. All together we must ensure Ghanaian youth receive the quality
education and skills they need to thrive.”

Pact for Skills: Support to the Transformation of the TVET System is a joint action
partnership between the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
(BMZ) and European Union (EU) in cooperation with the Government of Ghana. The near 4-year
long project implemeted by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
GmbH in cooperation with the Commission for TVET, Ghana TVET Service, and othe public and
private sector partners contributes to the Team Europe Initiative (TEI) on Smart, Green and
Digital Recovery in Ghana.